How to determine if an Immigration Consultant is Fraudulent?


Moving to overseas country is a crucial decision and hence, getting the proper guidance or consultancy is even more important for you in this regard. However, how would you determine,

If the Immigration Consultant you have chosen is Genuine?

Unfortunately, there are various immigration consultants in the country that are actively involved in fraudulent activities. They supply the misleading information to the visa applicants in order to make money out of them. Believing such immigration consultants can land you in trouble or legal complications. Moreover, you can also lose your hard earned money with such forged individuals or companies.

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What are the key things to observe while hiring an Immigration Consultant?

Here are the key things you must note down while hiring an immigration consultant for overseas visa.

  • Never believe a consultant that is after your money. There are immigration consultants who ask you to pay a heavy amount in advance without even properly explaining the process to you. Such consultants will always put you in hurry giving XYZ reasons and ask you to pay the amount immediately. It’s a wakeup call for you.
  • Promising fast visa- Please understand that providing visa is in the jurisdiction of the immigration authorities of the particular country you are moving to, and no immigration consultant can promise you fast visa on his behalf. There is a standard documented visa processing time every country has, so don’t believe if someone commits you fast visa to make money out of you.
  • Fake job offers- There are consultants attract the customer by offering the overseas job offers. Most of the time either such companies providing employment offer are fake or if not the company than the letters are fake. Hence, don’t get trapped in such offers and lose your money.
  • Check the Website, office and Accreditation status of the Company- Visit the website of the company and watchfully check the address, email id, contact details etc. of the company. A genuine consultancy should have the accreditation status on its website or elsewhere, hence, always check the same. If possible, visit the office of your immigration consultancy service in person.
  • Check Correspondence from the Immigration Consultancy- If you are not able to visit the office of your immigration consultancy, keep a check on the correspondence status of the company, i.e. the email id, undersigned authority, etc. Most of the time the general correspondence email id’s, i.e. yahoo, Gmail, etc. are not genuine ones. A proper immigration consultancy will have its proper and official company email id.
  • Do Some Research on your Immigration Consultancy Company-It is always good to have a thorough research about the immigration consultancy service you are planning to hire. Check website, check its online and otherwise client reviews, testimonials, etc. to verify the genuineness of the consultancy.

If you seek any clarification, or have any query or questions regarding verifying the status of an immigration consultancy company, you may get in touch with the registered migration experts at Visas Avenue immigration. The Visas Avenue is the top immigration advisory company in India with specialization in Canada and Australia Immigration. You may send your queries related to immigration process and visa consultancy services at Moreover, if you want to discuss your case with an immigration consultant in person, you may call at, 011-48447777 (Delhi) or 080-46668222 (Bangalore).



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