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Building a trust is a key aspect of any business entity, especially when you are in Client Service. Moreover, when you are in the immigration industry, building a trust becomes even more applicants. In last few years, increasing incidents of bogus Immigration agents and agencies misleading the applicants have increased. Hence, it has become essential for every Immigration and Visa Consultancy Firm to build trust among the immigration applicants.

Here are a few key steps, which Visas Avenue – the leading and trusted Visa and Immigration Consultancy Company of India has been taking to build the trust among the visa applicants about its Immigration services.

How to build trust among Immigration applicants

Educating the clients aka visa applicant is one of the most important things to do when you are looking to build a trust. Make them aware about the wrongful practices going on and also establish your credibility by convincing the client about your accreditation status. You must be a registered Consultancy firm to advise and assist on immigration; this is the most important aspect.

Make the applicants vigilant about false practices

Moreover, it is also your duty to make the client understand the essence of a registered Consultancy Company. Educate the visa applicants about ongoing false practices in the industry and also the ways to keep away from such scams. The scams are of two types. Firstly, there are agents and agencies active, which are not authorized, however, mislead the applicants by claiming about the same. Hence, you need to emphasize on the need of hiring a genuine and registered Consultancy firm.

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Now, the second type of scam is launching a fake propaganda to defame an immigration consultancy. There are various individuals and groups active online, which when couldn’t survive the competition, find unethical ways to crush the competition. This unethical way is running a fake propaganda about a competitor and harms its reputation. Hence, you must be aware of such propaganda against you and discourage the same as well by taking appropriate steps.

Make and Reveal Antifraud Policy

If you have not published a clear Antifraud policy, it’s quite likely that the fake propaganda being spread against you influences people. Hence, always make and reveal precise Anti-fraud policy comprising all essential elements to make your position clear about the office operation and immigration procedure and requirements. It should also have instructions to make the people aware about the fake online posts being shared about your organization.

You must also make your immigration procedure transparent to avoid any dispute regarding the same in future. Visas Avenue being the foremost Immigration Advisory Firm of India, follow all the above-mentioned steps to win the trust and confidence of its vast number of clients across the country.

Lastly, in case, you have any queries or concern about immigration services or anti fraud policy of Visas Avenue, you may forward your queries to or can call immigration expert at Toll Free Number- 78-18-000-777.


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