Visas Avenue is firm on its Ethical Immigration Policy despite the negative reviews

Visas Avenue Policy

No organization likes the negative reviews being posted against it, especially on the globally expanded communication medium like Internet. Negative reviews are always painful, especially, when you are going an extra mile to serve your customers and safeguard their interest. However, the definition of the feedback and reviews has changed a lot in the new age of high aspirations and a desireto win without fighting. Visas Avenue being the popular immigration advisory service receiving the negative reviews as a result of new propaganda. To understand it better, let’s first segregate the source of modern feedback and reviews received online.

Two sources of negative online reviews

Well, in case of Visas Avenue, there are two main sources of negative online reviews, i.e.

  • Reviews from fake users planted by the competitors
  • Reviews from irate customer wanting shortcut visa

However, you can’t do much about these reviews except for responding to them and taking legal measures wherever required.

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Reviews from fake users

A group of fake online users is active on different internet media platforms, which is involved in posting negative reviews and complaints against Visas Avenue under a set agenda. When Client Servicing team of Visas Avenue replies to such fake reviews and complaints and ask about the identity of the user go silent and don’t reply. Many of such fake IDs have been identified by Visas Avenue digital marketing team.

Visas Avenue has already reported these IDs in the cyber crime cell. Once the involved persons are identified by the cell, the VA management plans to take a strict legal action against them.

Reviews from irate customer looking for shortcuts

Well, it may sound weird to most, however, it is true that these days some restless customers, threat of posting negative reviews if you don’t fulfil their demands. The demands of all such threatening clients are not ethical. They don’t believe in following the legal immigration process, rather, ask to adopt the unethical pathways, so that their application get approval at any cost. However, Visas Avenue has got a strict Antifraud policy, and it never take any step against it.

It only provides ethical Immigration Consultancy Services, and never indulge in any unlawful activity or shortcut methods to help a client move abroad. The customers who threaten, ultimately post the negative online reviews if their demands are not fulfilled. Hence, the VA team ultimately has to deal with this issue of online complaints.

No change in the Policy of Ethical Immigration

Well, despite the reviews or fake complaints, Visas Avenue is firm on its decision to follow the ethical pathway only to help immigrants move abroad. Under no circumstances, Visas Avenue will compromise with its antifraud policy and go against its ethics, which it has been following since the beginning.

If you as Visas Avenue client see any such fake reviews and posts online, please contact at Visas Avenue on Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, e-mail the same to e-mail id-


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