Visas Avenue issues an Advisory Notice to its Branches & Clients against Fake Visa Documents & information

Visas Avenue Fake Visa Document & Information

December 2, 2017, New Delhi, India– In continuation to its efforts of keeping its Immigration process clean and legitimate, Visas Avenue has issued the advisory notice to all its branch offices and clients against the use of fake Visa Documents & information. Visas Avenue is known as a genuine and trusted Immigration Advisory Service in India, and hence, it every now and then takes steps to keep it process transparent, smooth and lawful.

Increasing practices of bogus documents and information

In the recent past the practice, of supplying false document and information has increased, which, ultimately result in visa denial as well as visa ban on the applicants found guilty of the same. Bogus documents include either false or modified documents, such as:

  • passports and travel documents
  • visas
  • diplomas, degrees, and apprenticeship or trade papers
  • certificates of birth, marriage, final divorce, annulment, separation, or death and
  • police certificates here

The immigration authorities usually find fraud in all the above category of documents from a few of the applicants. However, not all the visa applicants follow unethical practices, only a few, who are involved in such scams.

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Visas Avenue Advisory Notice to clients and branches

In its latest Advisory Notice to clients and branches, it has advised the both to only supply truthful information and legitimate documents along with the Visa application. While there were strict instructions for the branches with regard to any unethical practice, for clients, it was just about making them aware of the consequences of any such practice.

Visas Avenue Advisory Notice against fake Documents & Information

Dear Customer,

In view of recent news and reports from Immigration Authorities with regard to fake documents and information being used by some visa applicants, we at Visas Avenue consider this a responsibility to make you aware about the consequences of such false practices.

Recently, Australia has implemented 10-year visa ban on the applicants found guilty of supplying fake information or bogus documents. Canada already has a ban of 5 years in place in case of misleading information or fake documents received from an applicant. Other advanced nations have also made their immigration rules stern for such unethical and unlawful practices.

Hence, to avoid any unpleasant consequences, we advise you to refrain from any such practices. In case, any of our agent or expert encourages you for such practice, you can report the same at, so that we can take appropriate action against the person involved.


Visas Avenue Client Servicing Team

Visas Avenue being the foremost and registered Immigration Advisory Firm in the world, always remains one step ahead when it comes to following the guidelines and instructions issued by the immigration departments and regulatory bodies of the key advanced countries. This is one of the reasons that it has won the faith and trust of its clients over the years and has become the leading Visa Consultancy Service in India.


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