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Visa Documentation process

Documentation is a critical part of immigration process of every country. In fact, most advanced nations are absolutely particular about the genuine and verified documentation. Hence, the document fraud cases in such countries are taken quite seriously in terms of consequences or penalties. Talking about the applicants applying for visa in overseas countries, most of them don’t even take the first step fearing the complexities of immigration documentation procedure.

Visas Avenue being the top most immigration Advisory and Consultancy firm in India, pay special attention to this concern of applicants.

Visas Avenue- Dealing with Visa documentation process of Different countries

Visas Avenue use its vast experience in the immigration industry to help, support and guide the applicants applying for PR Visa, visit visa, family sponsored visa, etc. It specializes in immigration documentation process of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Germany, etc. countries.

Documentation process of different countries is based on the rules and regulations applicable in all these countries. And all these rules and procedures are based on immigration laws in different countries. So, you can understand how critical the documentation process in these countries is.

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Consequences of False or Incomplete Documents

The whole Visas Avenue team play special care and attention to the fact that no applicant present forged or incomplete documents, as the consequences of the same are grave. Hence, the VA team neither accept nor encourage the applicants to submit the incorrect/incomplete/bogus documents in any case, as it may lead to the delay or denial of visa. Moreover, the person found guilty of producing fake documents can also be banned from entering to that particular country, where he applied visa. Canada, Australia, etc. countries take such cases strictly and ban the candidates found guilty.

VA Team Decoding Complexities of Documentation process

Documentation process knowledge, experience and expertise is one thing VA team takes pride on, as all its immigration experts and Client Service managers are qualified and trained in the immigration process of all the countries for which they offer visa assistance or consultation.

Many a time the team has to deal with the clients who are not even aware about the basics of immigration, however, the team not only explain the process to them patiently, but also help them acquire the visa approval in the minimum possible time. The immigration department of countries like Canada and Australia, which have point based immigration system, provide immigration points for the genuine documents obtained with quality achievements.For instance, Canada and Australia provides points for IELTS test result for English language proficiency.

Apply overseas Visa through Visas Avenue

If you also want to move to your favourite country this year, you may coordinate with Visas Avenue Immigration experts to receive complete immigration process assistance from start till the approval of Visa.

You may contact Visas Avenue immigration expert on Toll Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, e-mail your queries to Visas Avenue e-mail id-


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