Visas Avenue Notification – Beware of fraudulent Reviews, Libel or Slanders Targeting Visas Avenue

Beware of immigrant fraudulent

June 10, 2016, New Delhi– Visas Avenue as a prestigious and responsible Immigration Consultancy Organization would like to inform and alert its clients and online users through this notification being issued in the form of a Press Release.

It is to be noted that there are a few antisocial elements active on internet platform, who are trying to defame the reputation of Visas Avenue as an esteemed and well established regime.

Fake posts are being shared online against Visas Avenue using forged user ids

There are people, involved in morally wrong practices and are using fake User ids to run fake propaganda against Visas Avenue Pvt. Ltd. We are listing these User IDs here to make our genuine and valuable clients aware of such deceptive and misleading propaganda and online posts.

These forged online User IDs are:

  • deep kamal 123456788
  • amit chauhan85
  • rohit9994323

Please make a note of the above user ids and report us at, if you find any defaming content or material posted online from these fake User IDs against Visas Avenue, so that we can take appropriate action against the same.

Visas Avenue is Esteemed and Registered Organization.

Visas Avenue is genuine, registered, and prominent organization and has achieved tremendous growth and development in last few years. The rise and enlargement of Visas Avenue as a leading Immigration Consultancy Company, is the result of great faith and confidence shown by its clients on it, over the years.

If any client of Visas Avenue has any concern, complaint or issue, it is being addressed on top priority and it’s absolutely unlikely that any person, who hasn’t ever raised a question about Visas Avenue Services, goes on to post a hostile comment on any online forum.

Fake Users are no Visas Avenue Clients but Paid Spammers

Hence, it’s clear that the people posting such negative comments, remarks or libels have never been Visas Avenue client, rather are some paid spammers planted intentionally. However, we as a strong and esteemed unit are never troubled by such immoral practices. We prefer to improve and enhance our client services and inform and educate our clients instead of tracing or following such fake posts.

Visas Avenue is committed to Excellent Clients Service and this is how it Combats the Fake Propaganda

The company works hard to maintain this faith of its thousands of worldwide clients and online users by offering world class immigration solutions and services to them. We are pretty certain that any attempt to offend Visas Avenue Immigration will be self defeated, as long as we are dedicated to our clients and pay attention to their concerns with utmost priority and precedence.

Finally, we want our customers to be aware of such practices and keep their faith and trust firm on Visas Avenue, as they have done since its inception. We have taken ample steps to safeguard our clients and customers against any false or fraudulent activities. Please read Visas Avenue Anti Fraud Policy to remain alert while dealing with any Visas Avenue employee or for that matter any Immigration Consultant ever.


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