Visas Avenue process team remains updated in interest of its clients

New Immigration Rule & Procedures

Immigration industry is based on rules, procedures, changes and updates. Hence, both visa applicants as well as consultancy services associated with this industry needs to be on toes in terms of inculcating the latest immigration rule changes and implement the same to present a successful visa application.

Today, most advanced nations are very particular about their rules and procedures with regards different visa programs and categories. Hence, any misrepresentation or mistake in your visa application may result in grave consequence, i.e. delay or even rejection of the visa application. Hence, it is advised to hire a trusted Visa consultancy servicefor inclusive visa process support.

Visas Avenue team- remains updated with latest immigration rules and procedures

Visas Avenue process and client servicing team keeps a close eye on all immigration process rules and procedures. The immigration experts and professionals here track even the minute of the changes in the immigration procedures and inculcate them to prepare a fool proof application. This is the reason that no Visas Avenue complaints ever received with regards to lack of knowledge and process information.

The digital marketing team also tracks all the latest immigration rule changes and update the concerned department about the same for implementation. Visas Avenue not only keeps itself updated about the latest immigration rules and procedures, but also shares informative news articles, blogs and posts etc. on its website and other internet platforms for the worldwide immigration applicants. This is the reason that multiple Visas Avenue web pages get huge number of visits from the online visitors.

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Consistently changing Immigration Rules and procedures

In last couple of years, immigration rules and procedures of top advanced countries, i.e. Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Germany, New Zealand, etc. have been changing frequently. USA has announced multiple visa rule changes after Donald Trump administration came in to power. The United Kingdom also took Brexit, etc. measures to control immigration in the country.

Talking about Canada, after the induction of Liberal government in Canada under the Prime Ministership of Justin Trudeau, the government has announced several immigration rule changes to ease the permanent residency pathway for the immigration applicants and families of the immigrants outside Canada. Recently, Canada announced to accept nearly one million permanent residents in next three years under its Multiyear Immigration Plan (2018-2020).

In last few months, Australian government has also announced several key changes in its immigration rules and procedures under. One of the major change last year, was abolition of temporary visa Subclass 457 and making some key changes in the Australia Skilled Occupation List.

Contact Visas Avenue to submit an error free visa application

If you are looking to prepare and submit an error free Permanent Residency (PR) application this year, you may get in touch with qualified and vastly experienced immigration experts and professionals at Visas Avenue. Visas Avenue is not only a registered Consultancy service for overseas immigration, but also a successful one in terms of obtaining visa approvals for the immigration applicants.

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