Visas Avenue Reveals Policy to combat fake Visas Avenue complaints in 2018

Visas Avenue Combat fake Visas Avenue complaints

Visas Avenue is a registered immigration consultancy agency, active and largely popular among the foreign visa applicants over the years. It has won the trust and confidence of thousands of applicants through dedicated client services and integrity. The best thing about its services is that it keeps the process and requirement transparent to eradicate any chance of confusion or dispute.

However, despite having clean record online Visas Avenue complaints in the last few months has raised the concerns for the management. When checked, most of these complaints were found fake and deliberately posted by competitors to defame the company. Finally, the management has decided to make a strategy to discourage such fake complaints posted online.

Visas Avenue plan to deal with fake complaints in 2018

Visas Avenue as a top and trusted Visa Consultancy Company in India, now has the responsibility to expose the fake complaints and make the company’s image clean as per its operations. The first step is to identify the fake user ids spilling venom against Visas Avenue in their sham posts. Here are a few more steps to be taken.

  • Answer the complaint- Replying to such fake complaint is essential in order to make the stand of the company clear and reveal the truth about the complaint and the user posting it.
  • Report the user- Once the fake user has been identified, it’s quite essential to report such id to the concerned authorities. Many times it has been observed that some vague complaints or issues have been raised against the company to harm its reputation.
  • Online Reputation management- Online Reputation management is the essential things to do, especially, when your brand is deliberately being targeted by a group of rogue online users.
  • Dedicated complaint redressal team: Visas Avenue has got a dedicated complaint redressal team which not only register any complaints or Visas Avenue reviews and take prompt action to resolve the matter in the minimum turnaround time.
  • Legal action against bogus complaints: Visas Avenue is also in touch with its legal advisor to explore the legal measures to be taken against the bogus users involved in posting the sham complaints and feedback against Visas Avenue. Soon, the company will start tracking and subsequently issuing the legal notice against the culprits.

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Visas Avenue works hard to establish its reputation in the immigration industry and the people who are associated with the company knows about the authenticity and genuineness of VA team operations and client service. This is the biggest support VA team has got in the last few years. It keeps the Visas Avenue team motivated to deal with the negative propaganda and keep touching new milestones in the industry. The exceptional success rate of Visas Avenue for obtaining Visa approvals for its clients is enough to defeat the negative publicity against the company.

Contact Visas Avenue to report clarify a complaint status

If you are a client of Visas Avenue find any such online complaints against us, please report the same at Moreover, if you are a prospective visa applicant looking for any clarification with regards to visas avenue services, you directly call on Visas AvenueToll Free Number- 78-18-000-777 or drop an e-mail at the above e-mail id.


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