Concerned about Delay or Denial of Visa application? Choose a Trusted Visa Consultant for Assistance

Denial of Visa application

Every year thousands of skilled and talented professionals from across the planet apply for immigration to one or another country. However, rejection or objection on the application often disappoints most of them, leaving their dream of immigration to desired country shattered or unfulfilled.

The applicants engage in the process or submit the EOI (Expression of Interest) in different visa programs, without interpreting or understanding the complete guidelines or instruction. It most often results in the delay in professing or rejection on a visa application in worst case. Here are some common reason of rejection of visa applications.

  • Incomplete/incorrect documents

If you don’t provide the complete document or supply the documents which are incorrect, or bogus, you are most likely to face strict action from the immigration office. This is most common type o

  • Incorrect/Incomplete application

Incorrect or misleading information provided in your visa application may land you in great trouble. You may get delay, rejection or ban on applying visa, in the worst scenario. Hence, you must fill up the application

  • Proof of funds

Sometimes applicants are not aware of the exact proof of funds requirements. Proof of funds is checked to ensure you are capable of bearing expenses of you and your family in the new country to start with. However, the demonstration of incomplete funds for settlement may result in the denial of your application.

  • Objectionable Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent is an important document that forcefully presents your stand in front of the immigration officer as to why you want to settle in a particular province or city in a country. However, if your letter of intent is not found relevant or convincing, the immigration officer may ask you to provide a valid one.

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  • Letter of Reference not proper

If the letter of reference is not submitted as per the expectation of the immigration officer, i.e. not on proper letterhead, etc. you may face objection in your application. Hence, always provide the letter of reference based on the proper format and content.

Get assistance from Registered Visa Consultant to submit flawless application

The immigration experts in a registered and experienced Visa Consultancy uses their skills, expertise, and experience, to guide the visa applicants in the immigration process from start till approval.

They deal with the immigration programs and procedures day in and day out basis, hence, the application reviewed by them has a negligible chance of getting rejected by the immigration office. Visas Avenue Immigration is a prominent and accredited Consultancy Service for overseas immigration. It specializes in immigration to Canada, Australia, etc. advanced nations. It’s among the top consultancy services, which hold the outstanding record for helping applicants obtain the PR visa to their desired countries.

To start your process with Visas Avenue, you may call VA migration experts on Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Moreover, to get your eligibility checked and subsequently, get a call from the expert, you may fill the free assessment form.

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