Are Visas Avenue Complaints fake and conspired?

Visas Avenue fake complaint

A healthy competition in any domain or industry is good. It not only enhances the quality of product and services, but also keeps the prices in control for the common people. However, when this competition in trade crosses the line and takes unethical path, things become misleading and unfair not only for a business, but also for the consumers. When the whole matter is associated with a complex industry like immigration, it becomes every difficult for an individual to find the truth behind the whole conspiracy.

Visas Avenue- a victim of fake complaint conspiracy

Visas Avenue – the leading and accredited Overseas Visa and Immigration Consultancy Company in India, has been a victim of fake complaint conspiracy in recent past. For last few months, a few bogus online users posted Visas Avenue complaints on different online platforms. In these complaints, an online user with some fake ID claims to be Visas Avenue employee or clients and also complaints about its services.

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Online Fake Propaganda

One such false complained posted few months back on an online consumer forum. However, the complaint itself was contradictory as at one hand the complainer tried to portray himself as the employee of the company, on the other hand, in the later part of the complaint he mentioned himself as the client of the company.

Now, the fact is he was neither the employee, nor the client of Visas Avenue Pvt. Ltd ever. It was a wrongful practice and an attempt by a competitor to negatively affect the growing demand of Visas Avenue in the market. When Visas Avenue reviews team asked him to provide the clarification of his false complaint, he didn’t answer the post. It was a deliberate attempt to harm the reputation of Visas Avenue, as a leading and trusted Visa and Immigration Consultancy firm in India.

Steps taken By Visas Avenue to counter the fake propaganda

Visas Avenue Digital Marketing team has taken some key steps to counter such fake propaganda being spread on the various online platforms. First of all, it reported the incident to the concerned authorities, to trace and punish all such face users.

Secondly, it declared a clear and transparent anti fraud policy to counter fake propaganda and educate its clients about the scams in this regard.

Here are the key features of its Anti fraud policy:

  1. Confirms its accreditation status tells the importance of the same as well to clients
  2. Transparency – Visas Avenue keeps all the visa fees, consultancy charges and process demands transparent
  3. Educate its clients not to believe any sweet promises and commitments made by any agent/individual in the name of Visas Avenue
  4. Allocates the receipt to the clients for every payment made by them
  5. Educate the clients to submit their genuine documents and not indulge in any false practice

Hence, if you find any such fake complaints and propaganda against Visas Avenue Pvt. Ltd. across any of the online platforms or otherwise, report the same at Visas Avenue e-mail id- Alternatively, you may call the Visas Avenue immigration professionals at Toll Free Number- 78-18-000-777.

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